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When You Have Been Charged With A Drug Crime Or Drunk Driving

Even minor drug or drunk driving charges or convictions can have a significant impact on your future. You could face fines, the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, difficulties in finding a job or housing, jail time and more. When you are facing drug crime charges, you want to have a lawyer by your side who knows the legal system and can protect your rights and your future.

I have practiced law in Montgomery County since 1995, and I began my career working at the district attorney’s office. I have seen thousands of cases on both sides of the criminal justice system, and now, at my firm, The Law Office of J. Grant Stevens, I will put that experience to work defending your rights when you have been charged with drunk driving or a drug crime.

Defending You Against Drunk Driving Charges

I will investigate all aspects of the police stop, your roadside sobriety tests and your arrest. Together, you and I will collaborate on developing a defense strategy after you have been charged with:

  • First-time DWI
  • Felony DWI
  • Multiple DWIs
  • Driving under the influence of drugs

Whether you are a regular driver or a commercial driver, I will fight to avoid license suspension whenever possible and protect your rights to the fullest extent.

Protection From Damaging Drug Offenses

A drug crime-related misdemeanor or felony on your record could plague you for years, interfering with your career goals and other aspects of your life. I pledge to take a swift, aggressive approach to your defense if you have been charged with:

  • Possession: Including possession of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, methamphetamines or other controlled substances 
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Sale and distribution of drugs
  • Drug trafficking, drug manufacturing or cultivation of marijuana

 I will look at all the evidence to determine the best course of action to protect your rights and future. If illegal search and seizure or police misconduct were at play, or your civil rights were violated, you can rest assured knowing I will present this to the court to seek reduced charges or dismissal of your case.

A Unique Perspective On Criminal Defense

When you have been charged with a drug crime or a DWI, you deserve to have an attorney by your side who knows how the case against you will be built. Because I have worked on both sides of the criminal process, I know how prosecutors craft their cases. I have acted as either a prosecutor or defense attorney on thousands of cases, allowing me to guide you throughout the process.

While I will work to get your case dismissed if possible, I will also fight for your rights in court if necessary. I have a deep familiarity with Montgomery County courts and their staff, and I have extensive courtroom experience. I will use that knowledge to tenaciously defend your rights and create the best possible results for you.

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