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Protect Your Family And Estate With A Customized Will

Many people assume that a will is only suitable for the wealthy. However, creating a will can benefit you no matter what you own or how old you are.

At The Law Office of J. Grant Stevens, I can explain how a will could protect your finances, your family and your personal interests. As an experienced estate planning lawyer in Virginia, I know how to customize a will that serves your individual goals.

Why A Will Is Important

One of the main benefits of creating a will is avoiding probate issues. If you do not have a valid will upon death, your estate will be subject to a complicated legal procedure. This process could keep your loved ones from accessing inheritance when they need it, and the outcome might not reflect your personal wishes.

If you do have a valid will, however, the court will use a simplified process. Your instructions regarding inheritance and other decisions would be clear.

A will can also prevent potential conflict between heirs and beneficiaries. Unless you specify your wishes in a will, your loved ones might not know your end-of-life preferences or intentions for inheritance.

What To Specify In Your Will

No matter what your values or goals are, I can help you draft a will that addresses topics such as:

  • Inheritance
  • Medical and financial powers of attorney
  • Medical directives, which are also called living wills
  • Whom you choose to manage estate administration as the personal representative
  • Guardians for your minor children

Every will should match the unique objectives of its creator. That is why I take the time to become familiar with your situation, including any risks that you or your estate may face.

Express Your Wishes Today

The future is unknown. It is important to create a will with an attorney as soon as you have something or someone to protect. I can meet with you to discuss your wishes. Call 936-539-9797 or email my office in Fredericksburg for a consultation.